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Personal Bad Boy || Bebes

Ellis Lillis Noor

0809-12; The black sheep of the world.

Viggo Johanson

0607-12; Nonchalant soul with questionable morals.


Polaris Lillis Noor

0321-16; He who can love no one but himself.

Lux Helen

1221-14; Misanthropy at its tenderest.

Dulcina Johanson

0519-18; She whose heart cannot be mended.

Asa Hamilton

0404-13; Goody one shoe.

Cedric Powers

0714-13; Worrywart gone wild once awhile.

Marcel Kaczka

1122-14; When there's a willie, there's a way.

Matthew Hamilton

0928-18; One and a half feet in the grave.

Richard Stone

0130-13; Want to be wanted.

Cyrus Stone

0420-19; Pocketing the American dream one ounce at a time.

..And I dream...dream, dream, dream sweet dreams.

Ellis Noor

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